House Rules Blow Up Extreme

  1. Visitors must at all times follow instructions from the organization or third parties engaged by them.
  2. Entering the inflatables during Blow Up Extreme is entirely at the visitors’ own risk. Blow Up Extreme does not accept any liability for damage.
  3. The inflatables may not be entered with footwear. Entering inflatables is only allowed if the footwear is removed from the foot(s) and visitors wear sturdy socks. It is up to the organization of Blow Up Extreme to assess whether the socks are acceptable.
  4. Visitors must adhere to the signing and routing of the assault course course placed by the organization.
  5. Visitors declare not to be infected with Covid-19, not to have any Covid-19 complaints and not to have been in contact with persons who have and/or show Covid-19 complaints or who are infected with the Covid-19 virus.
  6. Visitors agree that the organization can carry out checks by means of. searching bags at the entrance. All to ensure safety.
  7. Visitors are not allowed to bring food/drinks or consume food/drinks they have brought with them.Visitors are strictly forbidden to bring weapons, alcohol, drugs, nitrous oxide and/or other narcotics with them or to consume/use them during a visit to Blow Up Extreme.
  8. The organization is never liable for damage to visitors or their property.
  9. Blow Up Extreme is never liable for the loss of visitors’ property.
  10. Damage caused by visitors during the visit to Blow Up Extreme will be charged to them.Visitors will comply with all Covid-19 measures imposed by the government.
  11. Blow Up Extreme advises visitors to use the available lockers.
  12. If visitors do not comply with these regulations, they will be removed from Blow Up Extreme. Without refund of money.
  13. Blow Up Extreme reserves the right to change these visitor regulations at any time.
  14. It is not allowed to smoke or use an E-Cigarette in the location
  15. Every visitor must comply with all that is included in these regulations, in order to comply with the Covid-19 measures imposed by the government when visiting Blow Up Extreme.
  16. These regulations apply to all visitors to Blow Up Extreme
  17. The house rules of the host location apply to these house rules.
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