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Are you ready for the biggest indoor obstacle run in the world?

With a collection of more than 50 different attractions, which are spread over a floor space of more than 36,500 m2, Blow Up Extreme is the world’s largest indoor obstacle run of all time! Do you dare to take on the challenge on the largest and most unique inflatable obstacles you have ever seen? For example, conquer the Cobra, an immense assault course of up to 600 meters long, on which you compete 1 against 1 against your opponent! In addition, you will find a mega slide of up to 10 meters high and no less than 30 meters long, from which you slide with an emergency speed! Or will you go for one of the XXL jumping islands of 30×30 and 25×25 meters in size, with climbing walls, slides and free falls up to 5 meters high? You will experience it at Blow Up Extreme, the largest indoor obstacle run in the world!

Obstacle Run Blow Up Extreme

What is an Obstacle Run?

Simply put, an Obstacle Run is a course full of obstacles that participants take to reach the finish line. You have them in all shapes and sizes, such as obstacle runs with mud, with ice-cold water and therefore also with inflatable cushions! The very first Obstacle Run dates back to 1987, when British soldier Billy Wilson devised an assault course for his Tough Guy event. Since then, obstacle courses have become more and more popular and can be found all over the world! From 2020, Blow Up Extreme will also be in this list, where our first Indoor Obstacle Run took place in the Fabrique in Utrecht as a sporty and safe trip during Corona.

What does your Obstacle Event look like?

Blow Up Extreme is a traveling organization which, with its range of more than 50 attractions, is always located at a different location. This range is also expanded every edition, so that you are always faced with new surprises! You book a ticket for a time slot of 2.5 hours and can realize your biggest jumping fantasies within this time frame. Most attractions are accessible to both adults and children. Depending on your age, there are also some attractions that can only be entered with an Extreme Ticket (12 years or older) or a Freestyle Ticket, this is due to the safety of the visitors. For visitors who want to watch, but prefer not to go out on the lanes, it is possible to purchase a relaxed ticket. This allows you to watch your fellow visitors safely and quietly from the sidelines!

Blow up Extreme Zwarte Verfrand

Which Obstacles do you find at Blow Up Extreme?

  • A 600 meter long obstacle course
  • A slide of 10 meters high and 30 meters long
  • A bouncy castle of 30 by 30 meters and 10 meters high
  • A jumping island of 25 by 25 meters and 5 meters high
  • A climbable mountain of 11 meters high
  • Dozens of other bouncy castles
  • Dozens of IPS games

Where and when can you visit this Obstacle Run?

Blow Up Extreme does not have its own location, but constantly moves between different major event locations. In this way, our visitors enjoy a unique experience time after time! By keeping an eye on our website and social channels such as Instagram and Facebook , you will stay informed of where and when each upcoming edition will take place!

Obstacle Run Blow Up Extreme
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