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The payment methods are:
– iDeal
– Bancontact
– Tourist office gift card

Can I get an invoice?
Yes you can, then follow the next steps:
Go to your order mail, click on download tickets and download the receipt.

For Blow Up Extreme, the minimum age to participate in activities is 4 years.

For the Kids Area, Mixed Area and Game Area it is 4 years, for the Extreme Area it is 12 years.

You can rebook the tickets from your order to another time slot if it is still available. Please note: this costs €7.50 administration costs per rebooking.

It is not possible to cancel tickets after purchase unless you have selected the “enhanced refund conditions” option when ordering.

If Blow Up Extreme has to cancel the event itself, for example tightened corona measures from the government, the option is offered to book the tickets to a later moment. If this is not desired, the tickets can also be cancelled.

It is difficult or impossible for visitors with a physical disability to use the obstacle course. We therefore advise these visitors to purchase a Relaxt ticket if they would like to see it. The IPS games are accessible to this target group.

For families or other older and younger people who want to jump together we have the Game Hall and the Mixed Hall. Here you will find a wide range of attractions that are accessible to both young and old.

In this case everyone aged 12 and older must book an Extreme Ticket, everyone aged 11 and younger will book a Freestyle Ticket.

When older visitors book a Relaxed Ticket, they do not get access to all these attractions, only to a limited number of games in the Game Hall.

There are two options for parents and supervisors:

Extreme Ticket: This does give you access to the attractions in the Extreme Area, Game Area and Mixed Area. You can of course also observe the children in the Kids Area from the sidelines. This is for anyone who does want to actively participate in Blow Up Extreme.

Relaxed Ticket: This does not give you access to any attractions, except for a limited number of games in the Game Area. However, you can watch the other attractions from the sidelines. This is for anyone who does not want to actively participate in Blow Up Extreme.

Are you coming with a large group? Then you will receive a discount on the tickets.

20+ persons: 10% discount
35+ persons: 15% discount

It is also possible to book a closed, furnished and upholstered group room to change clothes and to leave your belongings safely behind so that you do not have to book separate lockers. Please note: these are available to a limited extent and must be booked for the time slot of your shift.

Group room Medium is 50m2 and costs €50.
Group room Large is 100m2 and costs €75,-

You will be moving around a lot, so wear sturdy socks and sporty clothes. Changing rooms are available, but you’re a lot faster if you already have your sporty clothes on and only have to take your shoes off!

You can book a locker to store your coat or bag (see the “Book Lockers” item below), but dress as lightly as possible and bring as small a bag as possible to make sure it fits in the locker.

If you want to bring your phone or debit card (you can’t pay cash within the event), make sure you have pants or vest with zipper pockets. That way you don’t have to search all attractions for your lost phone!

We advise not to bring expensive clothing and shoes. You place your shoes in an unguarded rack that everyone can reach. If you do not wish this, you can book a locker to safely store your belongings. We do not recommend expensive clothing because you will be actively involved and of course you do not want to damage it.

We advise not to take jewelry and the like with you, as you can only get stuck behind things or lose them while jumping.

We also advise against wearing football club-related articles to Blow Up Extreme, in order to prevent mutual disagreements and to guarantee the safety of all visitors.

It is also not recommended to bring selfie sticks as they may not be used in the halls of the event.

Lockers can be booked when a new edition is announced.

Please note: you book the locker with our partner Mobile Locker. Make sure you enter all your details correctly here. Especially your phone number, because you will receive your locker code via SMS.

There are two types of lockers available:
Medium locker: 25 x 30 x 45 cm
Large locker: 50 x 30 x 45 cm


For company outings, business appointments, sponsor proposals and the like, please contact:

Time slots
Every day there are 3 time slots/shifts:
shift 1: 11:00 – 14:00
shift 2: 15:00 – 18:00
shift 3: 19:00 – 22:00

Start time
Fifteen minutes before the start of your shift, the doors open so that you can take off your shoes and jacket, change clothes and store your belongings in a locker. The attractions open at the time the shift starts.

End time
Fifteen minutes before the end of the shift, the entrances to the attractions close. You can still finish your run, but after that you have to go to the exit. This will be clearly indicated by means of light and sound.

There are 3 different types of tickets:

Extreme Ticket 12+

Offers access to attractions in the Extreme Hall, Mixed Hall, and Game Hall, for ages 12 and up.

Freestyle Ticket 4 – 11

Provides access to attractions in the Kids Hall, Mixed Hall and Game Hall, for ages 4-11.

Relaxed Ticket

Provides spectator access to all attractions. Does offer access to the Game Hall attractions and catering facilities.

Note: Everyone has access to all halls, the type of ticket only determines which attractions you get access to.
For this we work with color stamps.

During the event there will be light and sound shows that can cause stimulation for visitors who are highly sensitive or have epilepsy. If you fall below this, you can best estimate for yourself whether a visit is advisable.

Our ticketing provider is NoHisto. For their terms and conditions: Click here

Have you lost your tickets? Please contact NoHisto at

Due to the size of Blow Up Extreme and the locations at which it is organized, unfortunately no special arrangements for children’s parties are offered.

Of course it is possible to come along with a group of children and enjoy Blow Up Extreme. The group discounts as stated in this FAQ apply.


Yes, provided there is still room: You still need to register and be in possession of a valid Corona ticket.

There is a surcharge of €1.50 per ticket. Payment can only be made per pin.

We cannot accept telephone reservations, we cannot guarantee an entrance ticket if it has not been ordered in advance due to the maximum capacity.

We are not liable and responsible for any costs whatsoever if you are unable to purchase a ticket on location.

You can only debit at Blow Up Extreme.

If we determine that you are under the influence of alcohol / narcotics, you will be denied access to Blow Up Extreme. In this case you are not entitled to a refund of your ticket.

If you nevertheless enter the course under the influence, for example because no one has established that you are under the influence, we do not accept any form of liability for your safety.

We disinfect important contact points, clean extra and we have central disinfection points.

Yes, you can, depending on the type of ticket, it is only determined which attractions you can use. You can enter all halls, so that parents can, for example, accompany their children to watch from the sidelines in the Kids Area.

The inflatables are only accessible on socks. Wearing sturdy and thick socks is mandatory, these are not provided on location.

You can place your shoes in designated racks for free, entirely at your own risk. Or you can put your shoes in a locker.

At Blow Up Extreme we offer lockers. These are € 4.50 in presale (locker guaranteed) or € 5.50 on location (if available)

Safety is a top priority at Blow Up Extreme! Our staff ensures a safe jumping environment and flow within spaces and objects. In addition, emergency response and first aid certified employees are always present.

Random checks can also be made at the entrance for weapons, sharp objects, narcotics or other unauthorized attributes.

It is not allowed to bring your own food and drinks. There will be plenty of catering points where there is something for everyone.


On our contact page you will find all the information you need to get to the RAI Amsterdam!

See here all information about parking at the RAI.

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