Corporate Social Responsibility is of paramount importance at Blow Up Extreme. In addition to offering an unforgettable experience to our visitors, we like to contribute our stones to the world and its people. On this page you can read how we commit ourselves to people, the environment and society on a daily basis.

our four pillars





1. Sustainability

A better planet benefits us all. In order to be able to welcome our visitors for decades to come, we also try to minimize our ecological footprints where possible. For example, our attractions, which consist almost entirely of sturdy PVC, are made into waterproof ponchos and bags when they are written off instead of being thrown away.


We have also made the choice to replace the access bands that many events use for skin stamps, which saves us large amounts of paper and plastic. For the same reason, we choose to digitize where possible. For example, all our visitors receive e-tickets that they can scan from their phone and our other correspondence is also fully digital where possible.


Corporate Social Responsibility is not only about our planet, but also about its inhabitants. We want the best for the people who help us and therefore offer them various development opportunities. For example, Blow Up Extreme offers internships and co-worker internships in various departments in order to promote the skills of pupils / students. During our events we work with “local staff”, which ensures a reduction of travel distances and thus their emissions.


In addition to our own staff, we also like to pay attention to the rest of our society. Not everyone can afford to take fun trips, such as a visit to Blow Up Extreme. We believe that it should be possible for everyone to be active in a fun way. In order to assist those for whom such moments are not self-evident, we work together with the municipalities where our events take place to make a visit to Blow Up Extreme possible for those less fortunate.


Anyone who puts people first must also take the safety of these people into account at all times. To guarantee this safety, all Blow Up Extreme attractions that require an inspection have been inspected by an inspection body for attractions. This body is a designated body for carrying out inspections for attractions and playground equipment, whereby they closely enforce the WAS (Attractions and Playground Equipment Act). This means that the Blow Up Extreme attractions have been tested for, among other things, user safety, fire safety and material safety.

Because the attractions are only part of the event, on top of these inspections, there is a full focus on supervisory and security personnel. In collaboration with the fire brigade and the safety department of our guest locations, a safe environment is ensured for visitors and staff per edition.

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