Are you ready for more than 50 different giant inflatables?

Blow Up Extreme has more than 50 different bouncy castles, spread over more than 36,500 m2 of floor space. This makes Blow Up Extreme officially the largest indoor bouncy castle park in the world! You will find unique and large-scale inflatables here, such as an inflatable obstacle course of more than half a kilometer long, two large inflatable jumping islands of 30 x 30 meters and 25 x 25 meters in size, a giant slide of 30 meters long and 10 meters high and many more large and smaller inflatables! Do you dare to take up the challenge? It’s possible at Blow Up Extreme!

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So what exactly is a bouncy castle?

A bouncy castle, also called an air cushion, is an inflatable attraction for both adults and children. The very first bouncy castle was invented in 1959, more than 60 years ago! Inflatables come in all shapes and sizes, you have probably seen the standard square inflatables at parties before. At Blow Up Extreme, however, you will come across a much larger and unique bouncy castle variety, where the focus is also on running and climbing, you can see them as inflatable obstacle courses. In addition, there is a wide range of base jumps, climbing walls, jumping islands and IPS games. The latter are interactive games where you compete together for the fastest time, highest score or longest stamina!

What does this bouncy castle park look like?

At Blow Up Extreme you can choose from a huge bouncy castle range, there are currently more than 50 different attractions, and there are new additions to the range every edition! You book a time lock of 2.5 hours in which you are completely free can go! Most attractions are accessible to everyone, depending on your age there are some attractions that are only for teenagers/adults (12+ years) and some that are only accessible for children (4-11 years). For parents, carers, grandparents or other people who just want to watch, it is also possible to buy a relaxed ticket, with which you can watch everywhere from the sidelines, without having to jump yourself!

Which inflatables can you find at Blow Up Extreme?

  • A 600 meter long obstacle course
  • A slide of 10 meters high and 30 meters long
  • A bouncy castle of 30 by 30 meters and 10 meters high
  • A jumping island of 25 by 25 meters and 5 meters high
  • A climbable mountain of 11 meters high
  • Dozens of other bouncy castles
  • Dozens of IPS games
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Where and when can you visit this bouncy castle park?

Blow Up Extreme remains unique by constantly moving, rather than staying in a fixed location. This allows you to enjoy different setups and the most unique locations every time! On our website and social channels such as Instagram and Facebook you can see where and when the next edition will take place!

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